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If your are thinking to try the Favela Party, GO!!!!! We sent an email the day of the party and Mario called at 10pm to make sure we still wanted to go. Within 20 minutes we were picked up by Marcos and he showed us a great time. He even got me a of a drink (Xiboquinha Philadelphia) wile we waited for the buses. I have re-named it “Christmas”. All of the tour guides really friendly and fun. Dancing, fireworks and drunk tourists to laugh at, I had the time of my life!!!

They even took care of the incapacited people during the event and helped then back to their hostel/ Hotels. We wanted to get the t-shirts and would you believe that they brought then to then hotel? I have never been so impressed with a tour company in any country that ive visited.

Be a Local Tour group exceeds the standarts of any company worldwide.

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